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02-08-2013 10:35:00

Importance of education

Importance of education

Education is considered to be one of the most important aspects of a person. Getting education is a chore that must be performed every day and not a privilege. Many children in America takes education as though it is valueless. It is readily available, and it is mandated by law. Children take at the age of 2 years for or school and 5 years for kindergarten has to go to school. On the contrary, third world countries most children yearn for education, and in most times they don't get it. It is almost completely absent unless one is determined to further their knowledge. After 18 years, one gets a successful career, yet some look for ways not to go to school. Does it mean that education, in this case, seems to be the only thing that people are happy with when they don't get the entire worth of what they are paying for? With hire essay writer, one betters his or her life and also one can enjoy luxuries in the future and for long. They don't understand the value of education.

$1Ø  Lack of motivation from children; this is the problem though the education system may be troubled in a way. This lowers the expectations that were once high. Anything that seems you challenges an American child in the class; the standards are lowered automatically to accommodate the mentality. Therefore, when a child is expected to think or even be pushed to perform, the government will   have to support by all means. That is, it will have to spend more money on education in order to boost it while performance appears flat. In the early years, America kept well with other leading nations. It uses around 12,700 dollars per student every year. The children have no thirst for knowledge, and it is up to them to decide whether they want to become learners and get incredible opportunities that knowledge can offer.

$1Ø  America as a country has a lot of resources, and intellectual scholars are employed to educate them. If education was to be taken seriously as they take professional sports, then it would be much far higher. The track is lost because the perception of how they view education is skewed. College attendance has rated up but there is no direct relation to the number of young adults wanting to learn, and even if they attend school, they have no Passion for learning regardless of the efforts put by the government. They find, but they don't instill a thirst for knowledge in a student. There may be a fault of the American Education system, but the willingness to learn is not there. The ranking conducted by the Social Program Imperative placed America on the 14th out of 50 industrialized nations below the upper quarter declining from where it was first placed.

The privilege and the right that the Americans have for education have not installed the quench to acheter du cialis en ligne learn. The importance of education, therefore, cannot be stressed enough, and it is a right that should be cherished so much. Let the teens not take education for granted rather be grateful for it is freely accessed. Since there is no national insecurity, and every American child is safe, there is needed to go to school. American children need to appreciate the education they get, make the nest out of it and not be apathetic to academics.

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